Auto Body Shop Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

How long will my repairs take?
Read about our repair process here.
Will the paint match or does my whole car need to be repainted?
Adjacent panels to the damaged or replaced parts are the only panels that need to be blended for proper color match.
Will my paint crack or peel?
Under normal conditions, your paint is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.
What is "betterment"?
Some insurance companies charge for wearable items that need to be replaced after a collision i.e. brakes, tires and struts. Insurance companies cover the used portion and the remainder is the customer's responsibility.
Will you use factory paint?
Factory paint is not available to the collision industry. However, each car comes with its own paint code. A paint code is a recipe to follow then fine-tune to your individual car.
Can I have my car fixed wherever I want to have it fixed?
You have the right by law to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice.
What is a Direct Repair Facility and how does is benefit me?
North Ranch Bodycraft is a Direct Repair Facility for 21st Century Insurance, Auto Club, Farmers Insurance, The Hartford, and Safeco Insurance. We act as their appraisers and write the damage appraisals for them. Not only does the process of repairing your vehicle go faster, it comes with a lifetime warranty through the shop and the insurance company.